Sirish Turlapati


The captain of the ship, who has successfully owned and managed award winning schools and pre-school chains for many years. With his ability to build strong teams with clear visions and motivated spirits, he is the perfect Team Leader for franchisees to follow to achieve guaranteed success.

Radhika Turlapati


Academics B.Ed and M.Com., a leading authority with over 20 years of experience in designing curriculum and developing classroom strategies to enhance teaching and learning processes with the prime focus on a child’s holistic development. With her rich experience, she guides the franchisees at every step of their Academic planning and execution.

Rahul Appani

Director Operations

A Bits Pilani Dubai alumni who is the force behind designing, developing and managing of the school systems to ensure innovation in technology is at the forefront in all iris schools. With his experience in the education system abroad from a prestigious educational institution, he provides unique and new-age solutions to the franchisees’ requirements.